Rodolfo Lacquaniti

Bio Artist

Rodolfo Lacquaniti presents himself to the pubblic with the language of total art: installations, video-art, painting, performance, music, photography, words, gestures, live arts, poetry.The thought moves from the energetic loss that afflicts contemporary civilization: “the energy package donated to us at birth becomes thinner and thinner, constraining contemporary mankind to live in “small rooms”. Rodolfo Lacquaniti moves in reutilizing objects, scraps, garbage that he reassembles to become universal art.
Contemporary art historian Paolo Campiglio writes: “I’m fascinated by THE GARBAGE REVOLUTION and by these characters because they are antique and modern at the same time. They are also part of us, in the sense that they keep inside themselves our history: they repro- duce those objects that we have owned for a certain period of our lives and then we have rejected as waste, thousands of everyday items that we reject and we no longer see. Then they come back and overwhelm us. The characters are part of our personal history but at the same time they remind us of Baroque, they emoby the whole art history of the twentieth century: Picasso, a world that we thought forgot- ten and instead comes back to us with a magic force “
Creator of the Garden “Viaggio di ritorno”, installations of environmental art, exhibition of 40,000 square meters. Series of museum spaces, installations, paintings and video art. Maremma Tuscany. The Garbage Project Revolution 22-26 / 01/2014 Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Pitti Immagine, Florence (IT)
The American PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), one of the most prestigious in the world turns a television documentary called “The Garden of Dreams.” November 2014-
The prestigious American Universities Flagler College Saint Augustine Florida and the ‘University of North Florida Department of Art and Design, following a traineeship “Activities performing at the Garden Return Trip” Maggio2014 / 2015 / confirmed for May 2016